More and more foreigners are coming to Japan to live and work in Japan.
They are very interested in understanding Japanese culture, Japanese language and are keen on becoming part of the Japanese society.
Hermits was incorporated to support this phenomenon by making it easy for these people to learn Japanese language, by bringing the lessons closer to their own home or office, by helping them to find a suitable Instructor and also allowing them to take classes online.
At Hermits we are excited about the part we have begun to play in these exciting times for Japan’s business and culture.



One on one private language lessons were given high importance by Hermits. Hermits will help you regardless of how familiar you are with Japanese language – you could be just a beginner, or you may want to improve your Japanese or you may want to learn sufficient Japanese to be able to work in Japan - Hermits will help you achieve your goal. Hermits will also help you in taking the Japan language proficiency test (JLPT) through its various levels.
You will get a quality native language training as all our teachers are either passed in the Japanese language teaching proficiency test or have Japanese language teaching experience for more than 420 hours. In addition, based on your need, it is possible to either take lessons along with your friends or can have private lesson using Skype or Zoom.

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Lesson Date and Place Approach

Hermits lets you pick the location of your choice for your learning. You can choose to get face-to-face lessons in your home, office, places near your home/office or a cafe convenient to you. You can work with your Language Instructor to decide on the location. You can always change the location at any time (You can also change the Instructor). Incase, if the lesson is taken together with the friend, let us discuss together with the teacher to decide the best suitable time for all.


Purchasing Ticket

After you meet with your Language Instructor and decide on the location & time, you can buy pay for the lessons by buying 4 coupons at PayPal site or by doing a money transfer to Hermits bank account. Number of tickets that is remaining can be confirmed in the My Page section. Please note you have to purchase new tickets before the next lesson, in case if the number of ticket is not sufficient during the lesson.


Lesson Type Selection

Each Hermits lesson is made up of a certain number of minutes (Maximum 60 minutes). You can take your private lessons in your own privacy from dedicated Instructors, using Skype or Zoom. You can choose a certain time of day to take the class. If necessary, you can also request for change of schedule. Please note it may not be possible to take the Skype and Zoom session along with your friends.



Face-to-Face lessons require 2 coupons and 1 coupons for the lesson taken along with your friends. If you choose to have the lesson online on Skype or Zoom, you just need 1 coupons.

The minimum number of coupons you can buy is 4. The price is only 6,400 JPY (tax not included).

Number of tickets Price Price (include tax)
4 tickets 6,400 JPY 7,040 JPY
8 tickets 12,800 JPY 14,080 JPY
12 tickets 19,200 JPY 21,120 JPY
Number of tickets
4 tickets
8 tickets
12 tickets
Price (include tax)

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